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How to ensure your Kitchen Remodel is a Success!


Kitchens are the heart and soul of any home. The design should inspire togetherness, and bring families together for tasty meals and great memories. This is because, for most families, it is the place where they gather in the morning to start their day and wind down in the evening over supper. If your kitchen is looking drab, it might be time for a remodel that will make it a place where everyone wants to congregate. For guaranteed success, consider the following tips before you embark on your kitchen remodel journey:

Work with experts

Remodeling your kitchen isn’t a task you should take lightly. It can also be a very costly endeavor if your approach it rashly. Therefore, it is important to involve an expert from the start. When looking for a professional or company to work with, consider their experience, history, and reputation in the kitchen remodel industry. Our experts, here at G. Basile Kitchens and Baths Design Center, are creative individuals with a lot of experience in remodeling different types of kitchens and styles, and their expertise can be very valuable to your kitchen remodel project.

Plan before you buy

Beauty and style are very important when redesigning your kitchen, but you should never forget about functionality and practicality. This is because this is a place where you prepare and cook your meals. The new design should help make your work as easy as possible. This is why the planning stage is very important.

The first step in planning a kitchen remodel is to understand your lifestyle. Is the kitchen a place where you simply eat family dinners or do you entertain a lot of your guests there as well? Do you prefer green updates with Eco-friendly appliances? It is also important to consider the kitchen design. A gourmet-type kitchen may need professional appliances and easy-to-clean surfaces. If you want a family-centered kitchen, you may consider the number of children you have, whether they prepare their own meals, and whether you prepare food for family gatherings. The planning stage helps you and your contractor figure out exactly what you want from the new kitchen.

Create a budget

Based on your preferences and lifestyle, an expert contractor can help you budget for the kitchen remodel. A lot of the money goes towards appliances, cabinetry, hardware, and installation costs. The contractor can also give you tips on how to save big when remodeling your kitchen.

Another important thing to consider when creating a budget is to put enough money aside for surprises. You never know what the contractor will find when they finally break down the walls. For example, if there is a lot of mold and mildew in your home, the professionals may have to do a lot of work, and this will cost more. Ensure you set aside at least 20-percent of your budget for remodeling emergencies.

Choosing a design and a layout

The design of your kitchen depends on your goals and the functionality you demand from this space. If you do not cook at home much, but would like a place to entertain, the design will be different from a person who prepares all his meals.

Work with your contractor to create efficient activity zones in your kitchen. There should be a zone for storing foods, including non-perishables, frozen foods, and groceries. A second zone should be for dishes, including cutlery and plates, as well as odds-and-ends such as scissors. A good kitchen design also needs a cleaning zone, a food preparation center, and a cooking zone. Depending on what you do in your kitchen, you can also have a bar area for entertaining, a dining area for eating, and a workspace.

Lighting can greatly improve the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen, and it should feature prominently in your kitchen remodel designs. Choose task lighting that illuminates a workspace, accent lighting that brings depth to the kitchen environment, and decorative lighting that glams up your space. You can do this by adding light fixture on the ceilings and under cabinets. If your budget allows it, install toe-kick lights under base cabinets to illuminate the floor and make it easier and safer to walk in your kitchen at night.


Choosing the proper kitchen remodel materials


This is where your contractor’s expertise is of most value. The materials you choose for floors, cabinets, countertops, and appliances can affect functionality, maintenance, and the durability of your new kitchen. For your floors, you need a material that stands up to a lot of traffic and spills, and that is also easy to clean and maintain. The style is also important, as the floors can help tie the look of your room together. Porcelain tiles are a great option if you need durability, versatility, and affordability. However, more natural stones such as limestone and slate lend character to your space. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, hardwood floors are a better option as they are softer on the foot.

Base and wall cabinets help with your kitchen’s storage and aesthetic appeal. Plywood is often the preferred material because it is durable and strong. Cherry wood can be an option if you want a rich and dark finish. For a more exotic appeal in your kitchen, opt for materials such as mahogany and bamboo. Soft close features on these drawers and doors is a must, as it reduces stress on hinges and prevents the doors and drawers from slamming shut.

When choosing materials for countertops, look for one that is easy to clean, stain-resistant, durable, and sleek. Examples of popular materials include granite, quartz, laminates, soapstone, and ceramic tile.

Kitchen appliances

Appliances add to your kitchen’s functionality, and they are an important factor to consider during your kitchen remodel. The most important appliances in a kitchen include a cooktop, oven, refrigerator or freezer, microwave, range hood, and dishwasher. It is important to consider how high-end you would like to go, as professional models and restaurant-quality appliances can be very expensive.


The importance of hiring the right company to remodel your kitchen cannot be overstated.

Follow the above tips and contact us Today at G. Basile Kitchen and Bath Design to ensure your kitchen remodel is a success.


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